Monthly Archives: June 2014

A new voice clears her throat…

Hello, world!  (I didn’t want to erase that completely from my first Word Press post!)

I’m Madelyn Eld, indie fantasy author.  I’m riding high on the fact that I’m less than a month away from the release of my first novel, Underside.  Underside is a contemporary fantasy about Rosalyn, a woman who’s been cursed to live life as a troll.  She has to weave the dangerous underbelly of the fairy realm as one of its most despised yet feared creatures, while trying to find a way to break the curse.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Rosalyn and her new friends, if we can call them that, and I’m thrilled to think that Underside will be released by the end of July 2014.  More announcements to come as soon as I have them.  Peace out!