Monthly Archives: September 2014

Now in paperback!

Good news, everyone!  (I love saying that).
The Underside is now available in paperback form!  This is the first book in The Underside Trilogy.  This is the story of Rosalyn, an ordinary woman who is turned into an extraordinary monster when her troll ex-boyfriend just won’t let go.  She’s pulled into the bizarre world of fairies as she searches for a way back to her normal life.

On the way she makes new friends and wicked enemies, and one of those friends might be a new love interest… if she can get over the fact that he’s a troll just like her ex!

I’m extraordinarily happy for a Monday  morning.  There’s nothing like holding a physical copy of my book in my hot little hands.

In other news, I am over 80% done with the first draft of book two in the trilogy, with the working title Curse Breaker.  If all goes according to plan, it’ll be out by Christmas (knock on wood!).  I’m very excited by the progress I’m making.

What projects are you excited about?