Monthly Archives: January 2016

Best. V-Day. Ever.

I can see it now…


I’m a huge fan of comic book movies. I can’t wait for this one. Then Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange… and 2017 will have even more for me to fangirl over.

I’m ecstatic over one other thing – my love of comic books finally gelled into a story concept I could actually make work… something to talk about in a future post!

Meantime, I have some work to do. I hope everyone is enjoying your weekend!

~ Maddy

Never On A Friday

For those of you living in the future, it’s Friday (woo!)

Soon it will be time to have breakfast and get ready for my day job. But first, I’m making the transition on this site from being a place for announcements – though those will absolutely happen here – and turning it into more of a dialogue between me and anyone who cares to read and engage.

A few years ago, I took a class where one of the assignments was to find out about my family’s superstitions and folklore. It was an interesting assignment, but the thing that stuck with my most was something my youngest aunt told me.

When she was five years old, my grandmother was sick for a while, and all of her older brothers and sisters were pretty much teenagers and adults – so it was just her and Grandpa around the farm. She followed him around as he did his chores, and he would tell her stories. He pointed out fairy rings, and told her some “rules” that he followed. Some of the things came out of the Farmer’s Almanac, I think – for instance whether or not you could plant a potato under a full moon. Details are fuzzy.

But the thing that stuck out the most for me was his rule that you must never start something new on a Friday. If he could, he would wait until Saturday, and spend Friday continuing things he’d already started. Maybe it was a way to make sure he ended the week by finishing things he’d already begun. Maybe it was a superstition passed down from his family. He never really explained to my aunt, and it’s too late to ask him now.

The ‘rule’ stuck with me, and I began to subconsciously follow it. Any new thing I decided to do – whether joining a gym, starting a new good habit, or starting a chore I hate – would have to wait until Saturday, or maybe even Monday. It became a wonderful excuse to procrastinate, without calling it that. But today, in my quest to become a superhero professional writer, I’ve decided to change that. Starting with this post.

No more procrastinating. Not when it comes to this.

Happy Friday. Happy “first” blog post. Here’s to a hopeful new beginning.