Randomly, On A Tuesday

Ten things about today:

  1. I watched Agent Carter tonight. I love it, even though this season seems a little heavy on the slapstick sometimes.
  2. I did not reach my word count today, but the night isn’t over yet.
  3. I didn’t fold the laundry either. I went to the gym and worked on my knitting class homework instead.
  4. I’m committed to doing these things before I go to bed, so I’d better get cracking.
  5. I believe that PBEM RPGs are a wonderful way to build writing skills and meet awesome people online. I’m in three of them.
  6. I shouldn’t count my PBEM posts toward my word count, but sometimes it’s very tempting to do so.
  7. All day today I vacillated between thinking it was Monday and thinking it was Wednesday. It just didn’t feel like a Tuesday.
  8. I’m not a fan of Tuesdays. The only good thing about them are that they aren’t Monday.
  9. There are only three weeks between me and Gary Con. It feels amazing to have something to look forward to.
  10. I really admire people who can stay cheerful and positive in the face of anything. I really have to work to be pleasant when I’m under stress, and I wonder if everyone has to try as hard as I do, or if they are naturally sunny-natured.

Post #5 in a row complete. I’m liking this daily check in, it keeps my head in the right place. Not it’s time to do All The Things.

Peace Out!

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