Silence, Not So Golden

And then I went to D&D on Thursday, and somehow everything else evaporated from my mind for the next several days!

The day job has been rough, I let myself lag behind on my knitting class homework (turned out they weren’t as strict about meeting my goals as I thought they would be), and overall the stress got me down.

And I let it… even though I know that the cure for stress is to get things ACCOMPLISHED.

So today, despite a rough start to the week (I know my job is getting to me when I start dreaming about it), I at least got some work on the story done, and got me a blog post.

The weekend was fun, at least! I saw Deadpool and I want to see it again. I was given chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day, and nobody made me adult all day. (The best kind of gift, I feel).

How was your weekend?

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